Edit­ing Content

You can use the inline edi­tor by log­ging in:
Then click on the edit tool, then click enable.
ToolbarEnable Editor
At this point you can edit your con­tent live as shown here:
Edit Content
When fin­ished, click on save and then dis­able your edi­tor to keep from mak­ing unwanted edits.
Disable Editor

Another way is to use the global edi­tor function.
Do this by log­ging in, then click­ing on edit above the content.
This will bring up this editor:
Inline image 1
To insert an image, choose a loca­tion for an image, then click on this button:
Inline image 2
You will be able to upload a new image by using this button:
Inline image 3
This will allow you to browse for an image, or drag one on the win­dow. Then click on upload.
Then click on the image and choose insert.
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Once you’ve inserted the image, you can resize it by using the handles.
crop or resize