Edit­ing Layer Slider

First login. Click on Site Administrator:

Inline image 1
This will take you to the back end of your website.
Next, click on Com­po­nents, then Layer Slider:
Inline image 2
Then click on the layer slider name:
Inline image 3
To edit a slider, click on the slide number:
Inline image 4
Then click on the slide pic­ture, or the slide text and use the options shown in red here:
Inline image 5.
To add a slide, there are 2 ways.
I rec­om­mend the first way, which is to dupli­cate an exist­ing slide.
This way it keeps the same formatting/​styles, etc.
Do this by click­ing on the dupli­cate but­ton shown here:
Inline image 6
Oth­er­wise, just click on add new slide:
Inline image 7
Once you add a new slide, to add a photo click on the “click to set” shown here:
Inline image 8
Then you’ll need to upload the image needed, like shown here:
Inline image 9
You may have to scroll down to see the upload option.
Once you find the pic­ture you want to upload, then click on Start Upload.
Once it’s fin­ished, scroll back up, choose the image and click on insert:
Inline image 10
To add text, click on add new layer:
Inline image 11
Then click text:
Inline image 12
Be sure to click on save changes when done: